Noel Johansen


Noel is one of the Directors and Partners of On The Mic Training.  He has taught for over 15 years, particularly in Commercials and Narration.  His 24-year voice-over career started in New York, continued in Los Angeles, and is now thriving in Vancouver.  He is represented in multiple markets across North America and has done over a thousand commercials, worked on many narration, animation series as well as promos and video games.

Commercially, Noel is the voice of Ricky’s restaurants and Talz Pharmaceuticals in Canada; and ICCU and Netsuite in the States.  He has been the voice of Panasonic, Nokia, Future shop, Shaw TV, BC Honda, Ford Alberta, and the Vancouver Aquarium; in Promo, the voice for a political party in BC for the last 5 years, and for TBS’s “America’s Greatest Makers,” shows for the Travel Channel, and Discovery Channel.  In narration, he has narrated shows including NBC’s MLS 36, Hollywood’s Greatest Stunts and Tube Tales, as well as a documentary called Meltdown America.

In animation, he has played Jesus in the 8 year running animation series “Superbook,” and General Garg on Lego’s “Nexo-Knights,”  Iron Man in YouTube “Marvel Shorts”, and Stanford Issac Rhodes III in Cartoon Network’s “Hotwheels: Battle Force Five.  He is currently on the dubbing series Bibi & Tina.

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