Ingrid Nilson


Ingrid is grateful for the opportunity to serve and entertain as a voice actor and instructor with the intention of enabling creative expression and joy.

Some favourite voice roles include Maud Pie and two additional pie sisters on MLP: Friendship Is Magic; Jade the cat, on Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own; 4 year old twins, Coco & Vera, on Polly Pocket, and many more!

Ingrid is faculty at On The Mic Training’s Full-Time Program, an accredited post-secondary voice-over program, the first of its kind in the English speaking world. Through her part-time voice-over for animation classes online, you can study with Ingrid from anywhere on the planet. Check for more info.

In 2020, Ingrid was nominated for a Leo Award; Best Supporting Performance by a Female for her role in the multi-award winning live-action feature, The Curse of Willow Song.

Stay connected with Ingrid on Instagram & Twitter: @iamingridnilson

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