Helen King


Helen King was born in Dunfermline, Scotland and raised in Ontario, Canada. She received a B.A.(H) in Drama and English Lit. at Queen’s. She relocated to Montreal, working extensively in theatre, and becoming a featured VO performer in cartoons including “X-DuckX” and “Ocean Tales”. She moved to Toronto in 2005, expanding her CV across all fields of the industry including interstitial voice-over (Voice of Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. Canada), over 300 radio and television commercials, and video games like “FarCry 5 & 6”. Recent animated series include “Ranger Rob”, “Rusty Rivets”, and “Glowbies”. She performs Shakespeare with Driftwood Theatre, a touring company making classics accessible all around Ontario, and appears in episodes of “Murdoch Mysteries”, “Mrs. America”, and “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

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